Science and Research at VŠE

2 Jan

Science and research activities are implemented in the framework of various research projects and supported by long-term research programmes and grant projects. The specifics of research activities reflect the specialization diversity of different departments and faculties of the University of Economics, Prague.

Faculty of Finance and Accounting

The Faculty of Finance and Accounting is traditionally a centre of financial research in the Czech Republic. In the field of finance the research deals with the following issues: analyses of monetary policy, assessment of market behaviour of financial institutions, increasing volatility in the segments of financial markets, financial regulation and supervision, financial crises, analyses of fiscal and tax policies.
In the field of accounting the research is concentrated on the following areas: managerial accounting, international accounting standards, and auditing. Science and research activity of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting is mainly focused on a long-term research project “Development of Financial and Accounting Theory and its Application in Practice from Interdisciplinary Point of View“, carried out in 2005-2011. During last decade 32 projects of the Czech Science Foundation has been successfully finished, next 9 are currently being processed.
The faculty has also acquired research grants from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Faculty of International Relations

At the Faculty of International Relations research is concentrated on international economy and political relations of the Czech Republic, including relevant aspects of international law.
In the framework of these issues scientific research activity of the faculty focuses on integration and globalization processes and their impact on the Czech economy. At present the faculty\’s researchers carry out a long-term research project “Governance in Context of Globalized Economy and Society“, as well as the projects funded by the Czech Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the field of international cooperation the researchers carry out the 6FP project “Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe – the Making of European Citizenship (CINEFOGO)“, bilateral cooperation projects, etc.

Faculty of Business Administration

The faculty\’s current research is mainly oriented towards the problems of business in the international area. In the framework of a long-term research project “New Theory of Economy and Management in Organizations and their Adaptation Processes” researchers solve thematically related problems. Cooperation with foreign partners is focused on collective research projects within the programme AKTION and on bilateral Czech-American cooperation. The project “Cultural and Innovation Dynamics – Explaining the Uneven Evolution of Human Knowledge (CID)” obtained financial support from the 6FP. Some running projects received grants from the Czech Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of Transport.

Faculty of Informatics and Statistics

Research carried out at the faculty is oriented toward the field of informatics, statistics and econometrics, and using them in real economic practice. It concentrates especially on efforts to advance the development of methods for receiving new knowledge from large databases and extensive non-structural sources, whereas this concerns both, methods based on classical statistics and the artificial intelligence methods. Research is running within a long-term research project “Methods of Knowledge Acquisition from Data and their Use in Economic Decision-Making“.
Faculty\’s researchers also carry out projects financially supported by the Czech Science Foundation, and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Research activity in the field of cooperation with foreign partners is focused on research projects in the framework of the programmes AKTION, KONTAKT and the projects in the 6FP: “Knowledge Space of Shared Technology and Integrative Research to Bridge the Semantic Gap (K-SPACE) “, “Developing Knowledge Practices – Laboratory (KP-Lab)” and “Quality Labelling of Medical Web Content using Multilingual Information Extraction (MedIEQ)“.

Faculty of Economics and Public Administration

Research activities are regularly undertaken at various departments of the faculty. The Institute for Economic and Environmental Policy (IEEP) was established as an independent department dedicated to research in 2006. IEEP researchers work on about dozen of research project and consultations annually, especially in the field of environmental economics and policy.
Faculty researchers usually carry out projects with financial support of the Czech Grant Agency, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Regional Development, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of the Environment, etc.
The keynote of the faculty research had been until 2006 a long-term research project “Economic, Environmental, Regional and Social Aspects of the Czech Economy\’s Transition in the 90\’s“. IEEP team had continuously developed the methodology for evaluation of the effectiveness of public expenditures with the focus on environmental subsidy programmes within research grants of Ministry of the Environment until 2006.
Research activity in cooperation with foreign partners is focused on research projects funded under the programmes AKTION (Czech-Austrian cooperation between universities), PHARE and INTERREG. Currently at the Faculty are running several 6FP projects, such as “Environmental policy integration and multi – level governance (EPIGOV)”, “Multifunctional Intensive Land Use in Europe (MILUnet)” and “Scanning Policy Scenarios for the Transition to Sustainable Economic Structures (TranSust)”. A high point of research activities at the faculty is the annual international conference “New Perspectives on Political Economy” (PCPE) where more than 100 researchers from around the world present their papers along with two annual named lectures delivered by world leading economists.

Faculty of Management

Science and research activity at the Faculty of Management is focused especially on the development and application of subjects that facilitate the managerial activity and managerial decision. It concerns issues in the field of information technologies and artificial intelligence, mathematical statistics, and discrete mathematics.
Further the research deals with problems concerning social economics subjects, macroeconomics, tax system, etc. Currently the research is focused on issues thematically related to the project “Knowledge Mining and Modelling (ZIMOLEZ)” financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. In the field of international cooperation the faculty researchers are engaged in long-term informal projects with universities in Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and Slovakia.

Academics at the University of Economics publish roughly one thousand titles annually – articles in magazines, contributions at conferences, scripts and monographs. VŠE academics\’ publishing activities are monitored in long term with the help of the VŠE\’s publishing database.

The “Oeconomica” Publishing House issues textbooks, scientific and study books, economic journals and magazines: