Visiting professors in the spring term

26 Jan

During the spring term there will be more than 30 host professors from 15 countries teaching in English, French and Russian at the University of Economics, Prague. Lectures in foreign languages offer to students not only an opportunity to get new knowledge but also a possibility to encounter different ways of teaching.

Thanks to the support of a Development project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports all faculties can take advantage of integrating foreign professors into their study programmes. Host professors teach mostly intensive three-day courses. Courses will be available also for international students who will study at the UEP during the spring term.

The widest range of courses in foreign languages will be offered by the Faculty of International Relations and the Faculty of Business Administration. The Faculty of International Relations offers courses in English and French while the Faculty of Business Administration offers courses in English and Russian.


List of courses



Photo no. 1: Students of prof. Teubert’s course (Faculty of Business Administration – in the last row Dean of the faculty prof. Veber)
Photo no. 2: Prof. Peter Verlegh giving his lecture at the Faculty of International Relations
Photo no. 3: Professor Lehtinen (Faculty of Business Administration)