Days of partner universities – possibilities of studying abroad

1 May

Buddy System at the University of Economics, Prague (VSE) together with International Studies Centre organizes 5th Days of partner universities. Days of partner universities inform students of the VSE about possibilities of studying abroad. There are prepared presentations by Czech or international students.

Days of partner universities will take place during 2 days and there will be presented 29 universities. The presentations are prepared by Czech students that have already studied abroad at presented university or by international students that are currently studying at VSE.

During the presentations students can obtain a lot of useful information about way of studying at the foreign university, about conditions and customs of the university or about the country itself. After the presentations there will be time for discussion and questions.

dpu3.jpgThe 1st day, 4th May 2009, there will be presentations e.g. of Dublin, Otago, Hong Kong and Paris universities. The presentations will take place in RB 111 during 12:40 – 16:20. The 2nd day, 5th May 2009, there will presented Turku, Mexico, Stirlink or Singapore universities and the presentations will be held in RB 459 during 9:40 – 17:40.

The interest in the Days of partner universities is increasing. Last semester about 250 students came to these presentations and there were about 6-8 people at one presentation.

More information about Days of partner universities can be found on website of Buddy System Soon there will be a complete list of presenting universities and also later it will be possible to download presentations of universities.

Everybody is welcome at the presentations 4th and 5th May 2009. Do not hesitate to come to enjoy presentations of your or other universities.

dpu2.jpgMore information:
Libuše Vlachová
Public Relations Consultant
mobil: +420 775 910 730