Summer schools for international students

11 Jun

Organizing summer schools for international students is an integral part of the internationalization process of the University of Economics, Prague. Particularly American and French students are interested in studying in Prague.

Summer schools have a long tradition at VŠE. In spite of the economic crisis, the number of study groups coming to study specialized courses in English this summer at VŠE has increased.

VŠE is providing both teaching and hosting of two groups from the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business. One summer school is thematically focused on accounting, the other on business in Central and Eastern Europe. In total, 53 students from the University of Texas at Austin will study in Prague for five weeks.

Since 2006, another summer school has been organized for Arizona State University\’s, W. P. Carey School of Business. The school is focused on teaching of the principles of economics of international trade, and in total, 21 students will participate in this year\’s course.

lskoly2.jpg A long tradition and good reputation is typical for summer schools of CESP (Central and East European Studies Program). This department offers the possibility for those interested to take accredited courses within the framework of a five week "Summer University". This year, 22 students from three countries have applied. Apart from the "Summer University", CESP has prepared a special program for 27 students of the French partner school EDHEC Lille/Nice. It broadens the program through master students\’ specialization in business in the Central and Eastern European region within the fields of the macroeconomic environment, business operations, marketing, and communication techniques.

For years, the Faculty of International Relations, in cooperation with the European Study Abroad Center, has offered a summer school of international business and marketing called the "International Business and Global Marketing Program".

lskoly3.jpg As a partner school, VŠE collaborates on the summer school Erste Group Summer University Danubia. The participants study subsequently at five partner universities. This year, the route of the summer university will go through five European cities. A group of 56 students from eight universities will thus have the possibility to visit Belgrade, Zagreb, Budapest, Prague, and Vienna. Seven VŠE students were also chosen in a competition. One group will take a "Financial Services" course, the other a "Human Resource Management" course. Certificates will be awarded at a ceremony at the main project coordinator\’s – Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien floor.