Visiting professors in winter semester 2009/2010

19 Jun

With the support of the Development Project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the University of Economics, Prague will continue implementing the program "Visits of Foreign Academic Employees at the University" during winter semester.

Students will have the opportunity to choose from an offer of at least 25 courses taught by visiting professors from nine countries.

Visiting professors teach accredited courses mostly in a three- or four-day intensive form. The tuition is organized within international study groups because courses in foreign languages are offered to students of VŠE, as well as to more than the 200 foreign students who will – in winter semester 2009/2010 – study at VŠE on the basis of exchange study agreements.

Students may already register for courses in the fields of finance, international business, management and others, e.g. economic history. Most of the courses are taught in English; however, there are also opportunities for students to take courses in French, German and Russian. In winter semester, representative from each of the following countries will lecture at VŠE: eight professors from France, four Americans, two Austrians, two from the Russian Federation, as well as representatives from partner schools in Denmark, Finland, Italy, Canada, and Slovakia.

The list of courses offered by VŠE factulties: here