Academic year 2008/2009 at VSE

7 Sep

The University of Economics, Prague (VSE) dealt with a broad spectrum of activities in academic year 2008/2009. Receiving the prestigious “ECTS Label” and “DS Label” was the biggest international success. Both labels were awarded by the European Commission for correct implementation of The European Credit System and issuing Diploma Supplements to all graduates for the period of 2009-2013.

International awards and development of international cooperation

For the first time in the history of Czech Republic, VSE (together with VUT Brno) received the certificate of European Commission ECTS Label as well as the DS Label certificate. Both certificates improve the prestige of the university and confirm that VSE is a trustworthy partner for foreign universities. VSE also obtained the “1st Business School in the Eastern European Zone” award within the Eduniversal project. VSE celebrated the 10th anniversary of its membership in the international network of CEMS universities, and in May, it organized a conference of the Executive Committee of representatives of prestigious universities from 23 countries.

In academic year 2008/2009, there were 76 visiting professors teaching at VSE. VSE cooperated with 107 partner universities and students from 52 countries studied at our school. A total of 378 students were sent out to study abroad and VSE gained instruments to support individual mobility in the form of “free movers” for 2009.

Science and research

Academic year 2008/2009 also meant improvement in the qualifications of VSE teaching faculty. Eighteen docents and nine professors were appointed during the year. VSE accepted 207 students for doctoral studies and 69 doctoral students graduated. Scientific teams undertook 80 scientific projects (18 of them were international) for a total value of 93 million CZK. VSE filed 86 proposals to the Czech Science Foundation, of which 22 were accepted. The most important projects that took place at VSE were Scientia Pragensis (The Day of Science at Prague Universities) and the European Forum of Science and Technology Prague.

Cooperation with firms

There were two SANCE job fairs organized at VSE. Approximately 1 500 students took advantage of the opportunity for personal communication with the representatives from 70 firms. About 1 000 VSE graduates met together during The Day with VSE. All students and firms had a chance to use the services of the Development and Counseling Centre.

Services for students and teachers

During the last academic year, the new Integrated Study Information System (ISIS) was finished. ISIS now contains descriptions of all subjects including the requirements to successfully pass.

Coverage of VSE\’s wi-fi network (Eduroam) was extended. Now all VSE premises (including the dormitories) are equipped with Internet connection.

VSE\’s library has also introduced new services, for example Bibliobox (it enables returning books outside of opening hours). Another service enables searching in multiple electronic resources at the same time. VSE has also extended its offer of food services – we have a new pizzeria and a health food court.

During the last academic year, VSE also continued in revitalization of the dormitories. The Jarov I dorm was completely reconstructed. Construction of a new multipurpose sporting hall at Trebesin began.

Student organizations

In academic year 2008/2009, there were 31 student organizations at VSE. A lot of student activities were supported by a grant from VSE\’s president and Ceska sporitelna.

Student organizations at VSE can be divided into three spheres: international organizations (Buddy System, AIESEC Prague, AEGEE Prague, CEMS Club Prague, OIKOS Prague), professionally oriented organizations (Debate Club, Economic Club, The Club of Young Logisticians, The Young Manager\’s Club) and leisure time oriented organizations (Gaudeamus – folklore chorus, Chamber Orchestra and choir Musice Oeconomica Pragensis). Most sporting activities are organized by a newly formed organization called The VSE Film Club was very successful in arranging regular Tuesday projections of current and historical movies. Nearly forty student teams participated in another successful project – the first competition in futsal, Jarov League. In addition, two quality student magazines were issued at VSE – the Students Gazette and Economix.

Cultural Events

During academic year 2008/2009, we also had a range of cultural events organized at VSE; examples include: exhibitions (Alphabet OSN, “Cameramen taking photographs”, Jan Palach, student of VSE), and concerts (within the Prague Spring or Unconventional Zizkov Autumn festivals, and a concert of pop group Krystof).