International Board Meeting of Erasmus Student Network at VSE

25 Sep

Student organization ESN VSE Praha – Buddy System had the pleasure to host International Board Meeting of Erasmus Student Network International (ESN). This meeting was held 22nd – 23rd September 2009 at our university.

International Board of ESN arranges this meeting traditionally each month in order to discuss and solve strategic and operative issues of ESN International. Members of the International Board are: President, Vicepresident, Treasurer, Board member in charge of External Relations and Web Projects administrator. All of them are voted for one year by the representatives of all individual ESN sections at the “Annual General Meeting”.

International Board is most of the time in Brussels, where is the headquarters of ESN International. Prague was chosen for this meeting also because a member of Buddy System and a student of VŠE – Markéta Ťoková – is current president of the whole ESN for the year 2009/2010. It is the 1st time when the president of ESN International is from the Czech Republic.

Most of the time was spent at the university where topics such as upcoming regional platforms, financial situation, grants for 2010, planning of PRIME conference in January 2010 or overall strategy of ESN in the field of international education were discussed. But there was also some time reserved for getting to know Prague and its culture and of course International Board visited Czechoslovak Nation2Nation Party.

Markéta Ťoková says: “I am really happy to be back in Prague and be able to show my colleagues from the Board the great work of my section and the support VSE provides to Buddy System. We all enjoyed the stay and the hospitality and friendliness of Buddy System members. It was also a really good opportunity to relax and gain new energy for our work for ESN as the upcoming months will be crucial for our Board\’s year – it is the time for ESN to position itself as the strong player in the international education and as the advocate and representative of all international students.”