CHE ExcellenceRanking 2009 of Economic Universities

31 Oct

Due to its internationalization and a high-quality research output of its faculty, the University of Economics, Prague, succeeded in a recent ranking conducted by the Centre for Higher Education Development (Das Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung – CHE) based in Germany. The ranking results were published by the Die Zeit magazine.

The evaluation process consisted of two rounds. First, all European departments were surveyed and compared using a few general indicators. Second, selected departments that excelled in these indicators were subjected to an in-depth analysis based on an institutional questionnaire and a student survey. For the second round University of Economics, Prague, was selected as one of three central and eastern European universities along with the Charles University and the Corvinius University in Hungary.

The in-depth analysis of University of Economics was conducted exclusively at the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration as it is the part of the University of Economics that focuses to the greatest extent on economic education. The evaluation process was based on the following criteria: publication, citation, student mobility, teaching staff mobility, participation in European educational programs such as Erasmus Mundus, teaching staff professional structure, the curricula of master\’s and graduate programs, etc. The CHE evaluation results – its name notwithstanding – do not include ranked universities; they only list the institutions that qualified in the "Excellence Group" in particular fields.

More information on CHE ExcellenceRanking can be found at and at (the Die Zeit magazine web pages).