Ekofórum with the Secretary General of the OECD, Angel Gurría

30 Mar

Angel Gurría, the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will present his lecture “The OECD and The New Global Architecture Governance: Promoting Sustainable Growth” on Tuesday 6th April in Likešova aula.

Angel Gurría will speak about the global economic situation in the context of the economic and financial crisis, the hopes for recovery and the policies and instruments that my lead to the resumption of sustainable growth. The world economic situation in context with the Czech economy.

Ekoforum is organized by CLAS- Centre for Latin American Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration at the University of Economics, Prague and the student Association EKONOM. The Vice-President for International Relations and PR prof. Hana Machková will moderate the discussion.

José Luis Bernal, the Ambassador of Mexico in the Czech Republic will introduce the guest speaker. Other ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps of OECD countries and Latin American countries were invited to participate in the event.

Known and respected economist Angel Gurría has been Secretary General of the OECD since 1 June 2006. He has had a successful career in public service, including exposure to two positions in the Mexican government ministry. Angel Gurría has reinforced the OECD’s role as a ‘hub” for global dialogue and debate on economic policy issues while pursuing internal modernization and reform. Gurría was the first recipient of the Globalist of the Year Award from the Canadian International Council in honor of his efforts as a global citizen to promote trans-nationalism, inclusiveness, and a global consciousness.

Mr. Gurría holds a B.A. degree in Economics from UNAM (Mexico), and a M.A. degree in Economics from Leeds University (United Kingdom). 

Conditions of participation:

The lecture is open to all students, academics and employees of the University of Economics, Prague.


  • CLAS – Centre for Latin American Studies at the University of Economics Prague, NF (clas.vse.cz)
  • EKONOM, an association of students of economics (www.economix.cz)