Academic Year 2009/2010 at VŠE

12 Jul

Academic year 2009/2010 brought a number of major events. Four faculties elected their Deans and the Academic Senate of VŠE (University of Economics, Prague) re-elected the President for a second term. Students can now use the sports facilities at Třebešín and a modern library in Jindřichův Hradec.

In academic year 2009/2010, more than 4 000 new students enrolled in the first year of a bachelor’s degree, and the total number of students from all three levels of study was almost 20 000. Despite the difficult economic situation, graduates of VŠE are still highly demanded in the labor market.

Student Organizations and Activities

There were more than 35 student organizations at VŠE in academic year 2009/2010. Student organizations can be divided into three categories: international organizations, professionally oriented student organizations and recreational clubs.

The international student organizations are represented at VŠE by AIESEC Prague, AEGEE Prague, the Buddy System, OIKOS Prague, YBPW, and CEMS Club Prague, which was pronounced the best student club in 2009 at the annual meeting of the international strategic CEMS alliance.

Among the professionally oriented organizations, we can include: the Club of Young Logisticians, the VSE Debate Club, the Club of Investors, the Economic Club of Young Civic Platform, and the Club for Young Managers.

Leisure activities are represented by traditional student ensembles such as Gaudeamus, student sports organizations like, the choir Musica Oeconomica Pragensis, and others. Three student journals are based at the school – Economix, Students Journal, and Buddy UP.

In June 2010, the third annual competition of student creativity Winston Econ Art took place at VŠE. Thus, also this year, students had the opportunity to show their creativity and talent, and to present themselves as creators of multimedia pieces.  Among the many successes in sports can be named the title of Academic Champion of the Czech Republic won by the volleyball team. 

International Awards and Development of International Cooperation

2009.jpgDevelopment of internationalization was also one of the main priorities of VŠE in academic year 2009/2010. The school received international awards, for example “1st Business School in the Eastern European Zone” in the evaluation Eduniversal, the Faculty of Finance and Accounting was accredited, and the CEMS MIM program, in which the school is actively engaged, was assessed by the Financial Times magazine as the best in the world.

The process of internationalization involves both faculties and university departments. In 2009/2010, VŠE collaborated with 131 partner universities from 46 countries worldwide. 444 students were sent to study abroad, and also the program “Free Movers” was used to promote mobility. Thanks to the expanding range of special courses and comprehensive study programs in English, VŠE is becoming a sought after place to study. In 2009/2010, a total of 526 foreign students studied in foreign language programs (including summer schools), and 78 foreign visiting professors taught at VŠE.

The offer of master’s degree programs in English increased significantly. In summer semester of 2010, the admission process was carried out in six programs, which are located in four of the faculties in Prague.

Research and Development Activities

Academic year 2009/2010 brought an improved qualification structure – in total five associate professors and one full professor were appointed. More than 260 students applied in 17 different fields of doctoral studies.

The university continued to support the concept of “young science”, and together with four other universities in Prague, organized this year’s Day of Science at Universities in Prague – Scientia Pragensis. The aim of this unique project, which was held at VŠE for the third time, was to bring science and scientific activity at universities in Prague closer to the general public. The university also co-organized the 9th European Forum of Science and Technology Prague, the main theme of which was “University research and way to innovations”.

Services for Applicants, Students and Teachers

IC1.jpgIn winter semester of this academic year, construction of the new sports hall at Třebešín was finished. The multipurpose hall was inaugurated in December 2009 and, since then, has provided excellent facilities for teaching physical education and sports for students and employees of VŠE. In the hall premises are three volleyball or basketball courts, and a court for handball, floorball and indoor soccer, etc. There is also a climbing wall or room with facilities for rehabilitation exercises in the hall.

Also in December 2009, the new Library and Information Centre of the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec was opened. The centre provides services to both students and employees of VŠE but also to the general public.

With the beginning of summer semester, a new Information Centre (IC) opened in the lobby. There, prospective students can obtain complete information about our study programs, and pick up printed information materials. The IC also provides information about events held at the university, distributes printed materials about the activities of individual departments and student organizations at VŠE.

There is also a Center for Handicapped Students (SHS) at VŠE. Education of handicapped students at the school is realized through integration with other classmates, and the SHS provides vital support to people with special needs.

Twice a year the ŠANCE (Chance) job fair takes place at the university. The Development and Counseling Center provides services to firms and students, and intensive cooperation with the corporate sector and public authorities is at the level of faculties and departments, too.

Volejbal.jpgThe functioning and development of the school is supported by modern information technologies. The major systems are the Integrated Study Information System (ISIS), the Economic-Administrative Information System (ESIS), the information system of CIKS, and the Information System of Basic Network Services (ISSS).

School websites are an increasingly important source of information. In the “Ranking Web of World Business Schools” the websites of VŠE ranked in 7th place, and within the evaluation of European economic universities, it got 3rd position. Most websites have been transferred to the school design, including one of the key applications – calendar of Events (, which provides an easy overview of the activities held on university premises.