20 years of French-Czech cooperation

8 Sep

The French-Czech Institute of Management (IFTG) is celebrating 20 years of existence. An international conference of francophone researchers and meeting with graduates will take place as a part of the anniversary located on the university grounds and Embassy of French Republic.

The French-Czech Institute of Management (http://iftg.vse.cz/) was established on 1st July 1990 thanks to the initiative of French Embassy in Prague. They decided to provide support to the transforming Czechoslovak economy by furthering the training of managers and university teachers. It was the first international institute of the University of Economics, Prague and thanks to a generous scholarship program from the French government, it was possible to finance internships for many university teachers in France. Later on, they formed a team of skilled teachers who continue to teach the MBA students even now.

lyon2.jpgThe institute’s general partners in France are the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, IAE de Lyon; the Université Paris 1 – Panthéon – Sorbonne, IAE de Paris; Audencia Nantes and IAE de Nice. More than 400 graduates work as managers in French companies, firms trading with francophone territories, or in public administration.

The international conference “La crise mondiale et les perspectives de reprise des économies européennes” takes place on the occasion of the anniversary. Participants from Czech Republic, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia will discuss the issues of the economic crisis as well as the possibilities for economic recovery on the 9th and 10th September. It is the 16th meeting of francophone researchers of the international network PGV. The University of Economics is an active member of PGV. There are also conference partners including the Université Pierre Mendès France de Grenoble and L´Oréal Corporation Czech Republic.


  1. Visit of the dean of IAE de Lyon prof. Jérôme Rive at the  French-Czech Institute of Management
  2. Lecture of economic counsellor Bernard Boidin at an MBA-MAE  class
  3. Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
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