ESN Section in the Spotlight in October: ESN VSE Praha – Buddy System

7 Oct

Every month ESN International honors one of more than 300 ESN sections in the world as the "Section in the Spotlight" or section of the month. In October ESN VŠE Praha – Buddy System was announced the winner. 

In order to win this honor a section must fill out a detailed questionnaire sharing information about the organized activities for exchange and local students, the size of the section, and the activities for its own members.  The majority of the criteria for the evaluation consist of ESN spirit, the integration of the exchange students during the activities, the originality of the activities, and the previous achievements by other departments of the section. 

The Buddy System was victorious over nine rival programs who applied for the same section for the month of October.  We were awarded for our activities, the ability to integrate exchange students, and for being active at the international level of ESN.  In the month of September the Buddy System organized CoMeet which is the first meeting of five different committees of ESN.  Also, the President for the past year of ESN International is from Buddy System. 

Not only have we won the section for the month of October, we also satisfied the evaluation commission by the transformation of the Buddy System’s corporate identity into the colors of the ESN International.  The transformation took place during the summer months but due to the difficult changes they were presented in the beginning of the 2010 winter semester.  Most of the changes were related to the presentation materials of our section and our new logo, the new design of the website, and our Public Relation materials. 

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Pavla Frysová
Public Relations Consultant
ESN VŠE Praha – Buddy System