Master’s in Economic and Regional Studies of Latin America

23 Dec

The application deadline for the new Master’s program "Economic and Regional studies of Latin America" is January 18, 2011. The program is managed by CLAS, a research centre of the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration. The next semester of the program will begin in February 2011.

The main focus of the centre concentrates on economic and regional research of Latin America. The Economic and Regional Studies of Latin America program offers an opportunity to acquire substantial international experience and, for selected students, to obtain a double degree. Degrees are both from the University of Economics, Prague and one of the multiple prestigious partner universities in Latin America.

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During their studies, students can decide between two minor specializations. The first specialization is European Regional and Economic Studies and the second is Central European Regional and Economic Studies.

The program is designed for students from all over the world who have completed their bachelor’s education. Previous education in international relations, political science, history, law, economics, sociology, public policy, public administration, or other social science or humanities is an advantage. Students from other programs may be candidates as well.

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Executive Director of CLAS: Ing. Lourdes Gabriela Daza Aramayo, e-mail: