Master’s program Economic and Regional Studies of Latin America

5 May

One of the most important characteristics of this program is that it offers an excellent opportunity to acquire substantial international experience and obtain a double degree. Application deadline is 31.5.2011.

The program is designed for students from all over the World who have completed their bachelor’s education. The objective is to provide graduates with the knowledge that will make it possible to understand the economic and social systems of Latin America and Europe. It will provide students with the skills and knowledge to work in professional and managerial functions that coordinate and operate in the areas of economic co-operation between the EU, Czech Republic and Latin American countries, as well as within the private and financial sector.

Graduates of the program "Economic and Regional Studies of Latin America" will obtain knowledge that will enable them to analyze economic and social processes and regional development with regards to specific cultural aspects of Latin American. Using the Czech Republics experience with economic restructure and transformation, regional conflict resolution, and the development of human resource development programs, the graduate will also be able to create strategies for public administration, that can be applied in Latin America.

The subjects taught will provide students with both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary through a broad range of economic and regional studies of Latin America and related research and business. Presentations of Latin American economics, geography, social, cultural and environmental aspects will be a part of the study program. The studies will also focus on processes and results of integration in both Europe and Latin America.

Students have two options, to study two years in Prague or they will have the opportunity to finish their second year of study in Latin America. They will have the option to study in English or Spanish, depending on the program and partner university chosen. The partner programs are fully compatible with the Czech program. Our current partners are located in Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. We will soon be adding more partner universities in Peru and Uruguay. There they will write their thesis, improve their language skills, implement and extend their knowledge, as well as study the minor specialization. Therefore, the program allows the student to choose the country that is the most appropriate for them. Students who don´t speak Spanish fluently will be able to continue their studies in Latin America in English.

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