Nation 2 Nation is a Responsible Party!

10 May

Breaking down the barriers, bringing the world together – that is the motto of ESN VSE Prague. One of their events which best contributes to this motto is the Nation2Nation party. Each week of the semester there is a party dedicated to a different nation, offering not only typical welcome drinks from the respective nations, but also country presentations prepared by the incoming students. Since last semester, ESN VSE Prague has started to participate in the Responsible Party project and on Tuesday, 26 April, we enjoyed the second Nation2Nation Responsible Party. The Nation2Nation parties are always held in the best Prague clubs; for the Responsible Party, the Nation2Nation team, lead by Bohumil “Bob” Dvorak, chose an exquisite place – the Venue Club, situated in St. Michael´s church, just a few me

The enchanting interior, fine music, perfect atmosphere and, of course enthusiastic members of the Responsible Party staff are impossible to overlook. Those were the basic ingredients of the event which was intended to illustrate that it is possible to party and have fun responsibly – “an idea we totally share” Bob mentioned on behalf of ESN VSE Prague. The theme of the party was a Balkan Sail party and the dress code – light blue and white colors – matched perfectly with the outfits of the Responsible Party‘s volunteer staff. They spent a big part of the party in conversation with the guests about partying responsibly.  At the end of the night, guests got to take home a small gift, such as Responsible Party anti-stress balls, breath testers or condoms.  They were gifts that would remind all participants that there is a webpage – – where one can find not only interesting information about alcohol and how it affects our body, but also several good tips on how to organize an event, to calculate the budget and enjoy with the party already running.  In just a few clicks, you can find out how to party responsibly. In Prague, we know it already.  What about you? Will you join us during the next Nation2Nation party?