International Week Prague 2011

10 May

The student organization ESN VSE Prague has organized, for the sixth time, a project called International Week Prague. International Week is a kind of an exchange program aimed at students from economic universities. The purpose of this project is to show foreign students the best of the Czech Republic, with individual parts of the program focused on this goal.

This year, there were 18 exchange students participating in International Week, held from April 9-16; they came from 10 different countries (Spain, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Israel, China, Japan etc.). The participants, together with their Czech colleagues, had the opportunity not only to get to know the Czech Republic, Czech culture and customs, but also Czech companies and the economy as well. The week long program was full of exciting events. Students spent time getting to know Prague as well as visit the University of Economics; this allowed other Czech students to see the visiting students’ presentations about their home universities and learn many interesting facts concerning their homeland. One new element in the program was a trip to Kutna Hora, a Czech town included on the UNESCO list. One of the most interesting moments of the week was the afternoon spent at Hub Prague. For many of the students, the concept of a shared working space was something totally new and so the company visit aroused huge interest. Another part of the program included sport activities such as the visit to the rope center and sightseeing of Prague’s most important sights.

This year’s International Week Prague project was evaluated positively from both the exchange and home students, as well as from the side of the organizers. And so ESN VSE Prague can already start getting ready for the next – 7th International Week Prague, which will be held in April 2012.

Veronika Pešková
IW Coordinator 2011