The Head of the French Prime Minister’s Economic Advisors at VŠE

15 May

On Monday, 9 May 2011, the department of international trade and the French-Czech Institute of Management (IFTG) organized a workshop for doctoral students and graduates of the MBA-MAE course. The main speaker was Professor Christian de Boissieu, the head of French PM François Fillon’s economic advisors.

Professor Boissieu teaches economics at the IFTG’s partner school, Université Paris 1 –Panthéon-Sorbonne and simultaneously works as the French PM’s advisor. He came to Prague being invited by the French embassy. The introductory lecture, which was given in English, was focused on three issues. In the first part, Professor Boissieu defined the key economic problems which currently challenge the European Union. Next, he focused on a detailed analysis of the reasons for the occurrence and repercussions of the financial crisis on selected EU member countries, particularly on Greece and Portugal, and explained his opinions on the next possible development within the Euro zone. The concluding part of the presentation was devoted to the measures taken to diminish the repercussions of the crisis and lessons which EU member countries should take from this experience. The lecture was followed by a lively discussion with doctoral students and teachers.

Apart from Professor Boissieu, the ambassador of France Mr. Pierre Lévy, the economic attaché Mr. Bernard Boidin, and the cultural attaché Olivier Jacquot also participated in the workshop.