The OECD turns 50 – An Exhibition at the University of Economics, Prague

31 May

Our university is not just a place to study but it is also a place for cultural events. The University of Economics, Prague – in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic – opened the OECD turns 50 exhibition in the atrium of the Paradise Building on 30 May 2011.

The president of the University of Economics, Prague Professor Richard Hindls opened the exhibition together with our honored guests Ambassador Karel Dyba, a Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the OECD, and Pavel Szobi from the Department of Economic History of our university. Mr. Dyba spoke about the importance of OECD in the world economy as well as the future and past of this organization. Mr. Szobi introduced his perspective on OECD from a historian’s point of view. Together with Mr. Hindls, they expressed optimism about additional future co-operation between the University of Economics, Prague, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and OECD.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) celebrates 50 years of existence. The roots of OECD go back to the time after World War II. OECD currently has 34 members from North and South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The photographs in the exhibition picture important moments of its formation and the existence of OECD. Among the examples are: the signature of the OECD Convention on 14 December 1960, meetings of various OECD Secretary-Generals with important politicians or the accession of Czech Republic. Czech Republic became a member of OECD on 21 December 1995 and it was a very important step for our economy.

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