Summer school at the University of Economics, Prague

14 Jun

Five summer schools and one seminar will take place at the University of Economics, Prague this summer. They are organized by the International Studies Centre, Central and East European Studies Program and L’Institut Franco-Tchèque de Gestion.

Events enhancing international cooperation take place at the University of Economics, Prague all summer. Joint projects with American universities, a summer school for free-movers, Erste Group Summer University and seminars for French students are offered to those willing to study during summer holidays.

The University of Economics, Prague has organized a summer program called “Principles of International Business” for Arizona State University’s, W. P. Carey School of Business since 2006. Doc. Ing. Bronislava Hořejší, CSc. from the Faculty of Business Administration is the supervisor and main lecturer. This year, 23 students are taking part in the program from 23rd May to 17th June.

Our university also organizes two summer schools for the University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business. What is interesting about these programs is the fact that both Czech and American teachers hold lectures here. The first summer school is focused on accounting. Doc. Ing. Marcela Žárová, CSc., Vice Dean for International Relations of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, is supervising this program. Prof. Zvinakis and Prof. Williamson are the American teachers who participate in the teaching of this program. The second group focuses on finance and international business. Ing. Jaroslav Halík, Ph.D. is from the Faculty of International Relations, and Prof. Hallmanem and Prof. Hadaway are the lecturers of the American students. The 48 students study at the University of Economics, Prague in the period between 6th June and 7th July.

CESP (Central and East European Study Program) summer schools are already a tradition and have a good name worldwide. CESP offers a five-week Summer University. The individual students can study accredited courses here. CESP has 40 students from 10 countries this year. Most of them come from the USA (19), France (12) and Turkey (2). There are also students from Canada, Brazil and Iraq.

The University of Economics, Prague is also a partner university of Erste Group Summer University Danubia. The participants study at five different universities in a row. This year, the students of Erste Group Summer University Danubia 2011 will see five European cities. The group of 60 students from eight universities will visit schools in Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Vienna. Seven students from the University of Economics, Prague were picked in the selection procedure. One group will participate in a Financial Services course and the other in a Human Resource Management course. The certificates will be distributed to students by the coordinator of this program at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.

L’Institut Franco-Tchèque de Gestion organizes for students of the Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne, IAE de Paris an intensive seminar on marketing in the countries of Central Europe.