CEMS block seminar at the University of Economics, Prague

16 Sep

An intensive CEMS block seminar took place at the University of Economics, Prague from 5th to 9th September. This seminar is a part of CEMS MIM study program, which is traditionally amongst the highest rated programs in the Financial Times ranking.

Every CEMS partner university, the University of Economics, Prague amongst them, holds intensive seminars for CEMS program students. These seminars are led by a team of teachers from various fields and by professionals from business partners and they are a meeting place for the students of all the alliance universities. It is an event of academic and cultural significance, it is the entry seminar to the program.  The program is a part of the master program International Management and the Faculty of Business Administration. The students have the opportunity to get to know each other and to get to know the teachers and business partners they will co—operate during the two ears study period. The seminar is important also for the teachers who participate at the parallel block seminar abroad at the partner universities (the teachers from the University of Economics, Prague mostly in Vienna and Milan).

This year the University of Economics, Prague organised a CEMS block seminar called „Management Consulting with a Focus on the Energy“. The aim of this seminar was to introduce the sector of consulting focusing on energetic. The topic was put together thanks to the co-operation with ČEZ, a corporate partner of CEMS alliance and the University of Economics, Prague (Pilsner Prazdroj and Škoda are other partners). ČEZ itself took part in the seminar. 24 students participated on this year’s seminar. 13 of the students were from abroad (Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, and Switzerland). Two participants came specifically for the block seminar and the others chose the University of Economics, Prague as their “mandatory term abroad”.

Not only ČEZ took an active role in the seminar but also other CEMS corporate partners participated: ABB, A. T. Kearney, Deloitte, and PwC. We wan to thank also other institutions who helped to organise this event: A. D. Little, CTU, the Energy Regulatory Office, GE Energy, Institute of economy of energy, Roland Berger a TILI Czech Republic.

A ride with an electro mobile and trip to ABB race in Brno were a part of the CEMS block seminar.