Master’s in International and Diplomatic Studies

3 Feb

30th of April is an application deadline for a new academic year of International and Diplomatic Studies Program. IDS is an English sister of a Czech program offered by the Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies at the Faculty of International Relations. Jan Masaryk Centre is APSIA Affiliate Member and also a member of the International Forum on Diplomatic Training (IFDT). IDS is a two-year (four-semester) full-time master’s program fully taught in English. It has been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport of the Czech Republic. Graduates are entitled to use the title Ing. according to Czech legislation.

The program provides training involving theoretical and practical knowledge in international relations with a multidisciplinary approach. This emphasis on multidisciplinarity combines historical depth with the complexity of political and economic spheres, and diplomatic practice. The program covers the fields of international politics, international economy, international law, comparative politics, diplomatic history, as well as diplomatic theory and practice. A strong emphasis is placed on issues regarding the European Union, yet the program includes a variety of optional courses on comparative politics and international relations in other parts of the world, too. As part of the program, students are sent for a mandatory semester abroad to be hosted by a partner university (Sciences PO Paris, France, Universität Hamburg, Universität zu Köln, and Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz, Germany, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico, Sabanci Universitesi in Istanbul, Turkey, Tischner European University in Krakow and Universtytet Warszawski, Poland, etc.).

The program prepares for professional and/or academic careers. The major opportunities for its graduates are:

  • Career diplomacy at ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of defence or other;
  • High-level international expertise in government or civil service;
  • High-level expertise in European or international institutions and organizations;
  • Work in the UN or its agencies;
  • Cooperation with NGOs dealing with international issues (development, environment, etc.);
  • Research in academic or study centres dealing with IR;
  • Work in international services companies (banks, consulting firms, law firms, media, etc.).

The program is designed for students from all over the world with a completed bachelor’s education. Other admission requirements are: proven knowledge of English, knowledge of a second international language, academic reference, CV, and an application fee. The admission exam consists of a long-distance written essay in English on a given international relations issue, and a letter of motivation. The admission administration fee is EUR 50, the tuition fee is EUR 1,800 per semester.

For more information visit Or contact the Program Coordinator, Ing. Eva Grebe, e-mail:

Official Welcome for international students (September 20, 2011)
Official Welcome for international students (September 20, 2011)
Round table "Which future for the Euro?" with French ambassador Mr. Lévy (December 15, 2011)
Round table "Which future for the Euro?" with French ambassador Mr. Lévy (December 15, 2011)