EPAS accreditation for two VŠE programs

24 Feb

Master´s Programs International Trade, taught in Czech, and International Business – Central European Business Realities, taught in English, were awarded by the prestigious accreditation EPAS.

The benefits of EPAS accreditation include international recognition and benchmarking as a high quality program as well as international input on strategic opportunities for the program. Students benefit both from studying in a highly competitive international business environment and future employers can be decidedly confident in the strong qualifications as for the knowledge and skills of the program’s graduates.

EPAS is an accreditation system for international programs which is operated by the European Foundation for Management Development (EMFD), a global organization which accredits high quality business and management programs at the university level. EMFD is based in Brussels and has over 750 member organizations from more than 80 different countries, including institutions from academia, the business community and public sector. EPAS, through international comparison and benchmarking, confirms standards of the programs in the aspects of the market positioning of the program nationally and internationally, the strategic position of the program within its institution, the design process including assessment of stakeholder requirements – particularly students and employers, the program objectives and intended learning outcomes, the curriculum content and delivery system, the extent to which the program has an international focus and a balance between academic and managerial dimensions, the depth and rigor of the assessment processes (relative to the degree level of the program),the quality of the student body and of the program’s graduates, the institution’s resources allocated to support the program, the appropriateness of the faculty that deliver the program and the quality of the alumni and their career progression.

Over the past two years, both programs have gone through an extensive evaluation and peer review process that contributed to the further quality enhancing. Reviews were concentrated on the EPAS Standards and Criteria that cover all facets of program provision: the institutional, national and international environment, program design, program delivery, program outcomes, and quality assurance. They particularly emphasize achievements in the areas of academic rigor, practical relevance and internationalization. All reviews were accomplished successfully and the programs have been accredited for an initial period of three years.

From the EPAS concept of accreditation is evident a commitment to further improve the quality of the programs and to increase their competitiveness and effectiveness namely in international environment. It means to extend further internationalization of the programs and their link to corporate world.