European Day at VŠE: Quo Vadis EU ? Fiscal Union and the Development in the Context of the EU Debt Crisis

15 Mar

The fourth year of the European Day took place at VŠE with the title „Quo Vadis EU – Fiscal Union and the Development in the Context of the EU Debt Crisis“ on 7th March 2012.

The opening speech was given by Mr. Josef Abrhám – Head of the Centre of European Studies at VŠE together with Dr. Hubert Göhring – Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Czech Republic Office representative, Dr. Ingo von Voss – Deputy Head of the Embassy of Germany in the Czech Republic and Vojtěch Belling – Secretary of State for European Affairs, Government of the Czech Republic.

The professional discussion followed with a future direction and development of the Euro zone in the context of the debt crisis and reform process of the EU economic governance being its key topic. The discussion was divided in two panels in which so called fiscal compact factors and motives, the Czech Republic positioning in terms of a new intergovernmental treaty, debt crisis causes, process and consequences of economic issues of Greece etc. were assessed.

The conference was accompanied with the intensive discussion of the fiscal impact proponents and opponents with the broad variety of impulses being its outcome. In the panels, academia, economic and political sector representatives such as Mr. Georgiev –Government of the Czech Republic, Mr. Kurfürst – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Mr. Ševčík – University of Economics, Prague, Mr. Kohout – Partners and Mr. Niedermayer – Deloitte discussed.

The event was organized by the Centre of European Studies in cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stifntung being a long term VŠE partner institution. We hope the cooperation will continue successfully.