Day with VŠE (Den s VŠE)

4 May

Saturday June 2, 2012, another year of the social and professional meeting of the university graduates named Day with VŠE (“Den s VŠE”) will take place at the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE).

The event is characterized with the tradition lasting several years. Gradually, the event has become a popular opportunity to return at the university at least for a short time, to meet with former classmates, teachers and to spend a pleasant afternoon and the evening at the university.

The visitors may participate in the professional lectures or discussing actual topics wit well respected speakers. The visitors can look forward to the performance by popular singer Miro Žbirka. There will be the theatre play by the university students, the orchestra performance and attractive gastronomy experience.

For more information about the event, its programme and its on-line registration, visit

On behalf of VŠE, looking forward to the event

prof. Ing. Richard Hindls, CSc., dr.h.c.
VŠE President

and the Development and Counselling Centre of the University of Economics, Prague – the event organiser