1st Year of the Marketing Talent of the Year Competition and its winners

7 May

On April 26 and 27, the young marketers´ competition took place with the team called Marketing Experts being its winner. The team consisted of VŠE students: Tereza Trávníčková, Karolína Kubátová, Lucie Pazderská, Nikola Radašová and Michal Kadilák. The competition is organized by the Department of Marketing at the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). The Kraft Foods is the competition´s main corporate partner.

8 student teams applied; their members had the unique opportunity to deepen their theoretical knowledge and to practise it by StartX/Markops software application. The programme simulating marketing realities is applied by the best economic universities in the world. The students were required to deal with all the challenges they may face in the real business world. 

The event was taking place for two days in which the teams were evaluated according to their ability to apply Stratx/Markops programme, their level of cooperation and the presentation skills.

About Markops programme

mtk_talents_2.jpgMarkops is e-learning software designed for strategic marketing education. The programme was developed by Hubert Gatingnon and Jean-Claude Larréché from the INSEAD Institute. The StartX is the programme´s distributor. The programme focuses on strategic marketing concepts education in the on-line world simulation called Markstrat World. Globally, the programme is applied by 8 out of TOP 10 economic universities and by the companies in the trainee programmes selection process.