Centre for Handicapped Students at VŠE

3 Jun

The University of Economics, Prague continues to improve access to study opportunities for a diverse group of students. The Centre for Handicapped Students at VŠE, in particular, works with those students with physical or learning disabilities in order to integrate them fully into the teaching programs; there are currently nearly 30 students working with the centre. Furthermore, all VŠE faculties cater to the specific needs of these students from the time of entrance exams, during their studies and through graduation ceremony as well.

In cooperation with the Centre for Handicapped Students at VŠE, entrance examination arrangements were made for the 2012/2013 academic year. Six relevant applicants visited VŠE in person and took the entrance examination in draft. There is exemplary communication between the centre and studies officers; the entrance examination adjustments were already discussed between the vice-deans for academic affairs so that they could be prepared in accordance with the student requirements.

Digitalization of Study Materials

In 2012, it is the centre´s objective to expand the study materials in the digital library for visually impaired people; this will include language materials and items in Braille in particular. A lot of lecturers provide their study material electronically to meet the disabled students´ requirements; this also eases the process of digitization.

Bariéry Account Cooperation

In early 2012, the centre organized ? in cooperation with Bariéry Account ? a computer literacy course for hearing impaired people. The course took place once a week. All the course lecturers and its graduates were hearing impaired, which led to a few misunderstandings during the course?s organization; however, these were overcome thanks to input from the Computer Centre?s staff.

In 2012, in cooperation with Bariéry Account, a job fair specialized for people with disabilities has been planned; VŠE is a possible host institution.  VŠE buildings are appropriate for such an event thanks to their good-quality and barrier-free accessibility.

Cooperation between VŠE and its corporate partners – Deloitte and Komerční Banka

The extensive cooperation between VŠE and its corporate partners has expanded to projects for students with disabilities too. For instance, Deloitte has provided students with disabilities access to resources enabling them to have possibility to study abroad; the company covers the housing costs of both the students as well as those of their assistants.

Komerční banka (KB) offers disabled students the possibility to apply for a scholarship linked to an internship at KB. In case of the mutual interest, there is the opportunity to seal a long-term employment agreement at KB.

For more information, visit: http://shs.vse.cz/