More than 600 students from 62 countries study at VŠE

25 Sep

The number of foreign students who decide to study at VŠE is increasing every year; in winter semester 2012/2013, there are more than 600 students from 62 countries of the world taking courses taught in foreign languages.

Internationalization is among the long-term strategic priorities of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). Foreigners, as well as Czech citizens, can study either in Czech or in programs taught in foreign languages at VŠE.

More than three thousand foreign students are enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s study programs taught in Czech language at the six VŠE faculties. The share of foreigners of the total number of students surpasses 15%. Most often they come from Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or Vietnam. Most foreigners study at the Faculty of International Relations, the Faculty of Business Administration, and the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

Foreigners who study in English come to VŠE either for a one-semester exchange, or to study in a paid program for so-called free movers, or they enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s program. Accepting foreign students is a precondition for sending abroad the ever growing number of VŠE students.

The exchange program is based on the principle of reciprocity. Foreign students, like the Czech ones, have to pass courses amounting to 30 ECTS; these are then acknowledged as regular courses after they return to their home universities. Owing to the continuous effort of all the Faculties, exchange students can choose from a broad range of specialized courses. In winter semester 2012/2013, VŠE accepted a total of 238 exchange students.

The newly founded bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Economics admitted 29 students. In addition, approximately 310 students are enrolled in master’s programs in English; most of them are in the university’s International Business – Central European Business Realities (112) program and in the International Management CEMS MIM program (110). Others study in the Finance and Accounting for Common Europe, International and Diplomatic Studies, or Economic and Regional Studies of Latin America programs. The Economics of Globalization and European Integration program is specified by a subsequent study in three countries; the students will come to VŠE in spring 2012/2013.

In the program for so-called free movers (i.e. students who undertake individual mobilities), the Central and East European Studies Program, there are 62 students enrolled, e.g. from the USA, France, Canada, Germany, Brazil, China, or Mexico.

Number of students taught at VŠE in English – selected countries

Rank Country No. of students at VŠE
1. USA 65
2. Germany 52
3. Czech Republic 39
4. Russia 27
5. Slovakia 27
6. France 24
7. Italy 18
8. Belgium 15
9. Sweden 14
10. Portugal 12
11. Canada 11
12. Great Britain 11

Apart from English, instruction at VŠE is also offered in other languages, including Russian and French. The Faculty of Business Administration offers a bachelor’s degree called “Business Economics and Management” taught in Russian which admitted 15 students. There is also an MBA-type program called Master Management et Administration des Entreprises, taught in French, in which 27 students are enrolled.