VŠE Got Talent: Exchange Students Compete Well

13 Dec

The final round and awarding of the VŠE Got Talent contest winner took place at the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) Representative Ball on December 5, 2012.

There were four runners-up: Jana da Conceicao, Lucie Vimerová, Felix Sander, and Michaela Bláhová. On the other hand, there could be only one winner – Kirill Putryk. The event proved once again that VŠE is vital institution in the field of students´ activities and support of events organized by VŠE student organizations. Not only full-time Czech students competed, exchange students did too. Moreover, they ranked well. One of the most successful exchange students is Felix Sander, exchange student from Germany.

The contest promoter, Martin Rey, asked Felix several questions related to his impression upon the event. “I like competitions and I thought it is a nice idea to do such a thing. I wanted my friends in Prague to actually see me perform once,” Felix responded while being asked about his motivation. Altogether, he was satisfied with his performance:”I enjoyed the talent show a lot; it was a lot different to what I expected, way bigger! I really liked how so many students signed up and presented their talents. As I did not really have any expectations and I know how talent shows work I am happy with my third place.” Felix was successful thanks to his dance performance representing a mix of dance style called popping and comedy parts including waves, robot-moves, glides and illusionating. He created his performance just for the contest.

VŠE Got Talent together with VŠE Representative Ball confirmed the foreign students have a lot of opportunities to become fully integrated into the university social and culture life.

To know more about VŠE Got Talent, to see the event photos and its results, visit http://www.vsehledatalent.cz/en/ or its Facebook profile (in Czech) http://www.facebook.com/pages/V%C5%A0E-hled%C3%A1-Talent/165417683518999.