CEMS students organized a charity fundraising for an autistic student

14 Dec

Students of International Management / CEMS programme from Faculty of Business Administration decided to support young autistic student.  In one of the events organized by CEMS Club Prague student organization, students prepared a charity raffle. In early December, representatives of a student organization CEMS Club Prague passed the whole amount to Jaroslav K.

Jaroslav is an autistic with recognized Asperger syndrome. Despite this fact he reports excellent academic results at the Jedlicka institute business school (obchodní škola při Jedličkově ústavu) and would like to continue with his studies. Jarda’s mother is a single parent and Jarda’s studies were supported by his grandfather. Unfortunately, he died in June and family was in a difficult situation. At this moment Jarda’s mother decided to share this story with a project “Pošli to dál – Tell a Friend” organized by Impuls radio.

Thanks to this project, CEMS students noticed Jarda’s story and decided to organize a charity raffle. “We decided to financially support his studies after what we read about his difficult life path. We wanted to give Jara a chance to finish the business school that may be very important for his future.” explain Jana Lébrová, member of CEMS Club Prague. Together with the others she gave a check with the amount of 10 000 Kč to Jára. David Kolesa, CEMS Club Prague President, adds: “It was a wery enriching meeting. Jarda’s mother was preparing him for appx. two weeks for this moment. We also gave Jára a T-shirt and we all enjoyed his sincere pleasure from this present.”

The Master´s Programme in International Management is a is a full-time two-year academic training organized by the Faculty of Business Administration and is fully run in English. The programme provides its graduates with high academic standard merged with the acquisition of professional skills and competencies important in international environment. Students have also a possibility to acquire an internationally recognized CEMS MIM certificate. More information is available at: http://cemsmim.vse.cz.

Photo: Meeting with Jarda and passing the support. From left to right: Honza Verner, Jana Lébrová, Jaroslav Karban, Sylva Uličná, David Kolesa