The University of Economics, Prague, and its Community

19 Dec

The University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) is not just an academic workplace and class environment for our students, VŠE also welcomes visitors and takes particular pleasure in seeing locals making the most of our educational, cultural, social and sporting activities.

For instance, seniors are eligible to study at VŠE within the concept of continuing education, i.e. the University of the Third Age (U3A). The program is primary financed by the Ministry of Education and Youth of the Czech Republic and its development projects. U3A organizes life-long learning for retired people in a friendly and stimulating environment. It forms a community of like-minded people coming together to learn from one another and a cooperative of persons devoted to a particular educational activity. The range of courses enables members to broaden their horizons, be involved with new learning experiences and to share skills and knowledge in such fields as international politics, finance, history of art or social and health welfare.  Successful graduates are awarded with a certificate by VŠE. The Seniors Meeting, which took place at VŠE on 11 December 2012, confirmed once again that VŠE is an institution incorporating retired people into its activities.

There is also a Centre for Handicapped Students available at VŠE. The project provides technical and study support for students with movement limitations as well as the blind. There are no barriers on the VŠE premises.

The organizational and financial support to VŠE´s student organizations is also self-evident. More than 40 (and the number is still rising) student organizations within the fields of finance, information systems, statistics, diplomacy etc. together with culture and sport clubs are active at VŠE.  Founding a student organization at VŠE is very simple. VŠE students may apply at the President’s Office, i.e. they present the purpose of their activity and they must also have the participation of at least five full-time VŠE students. Financial aid is based on support from VŠE’s President and Česká Spořitelna, a.s. Grant. Currently, the amount divided is CZK 400,000 per year.

There is a lot of opportunity to participate in a broad variety of cultural and sport events. Events are organized by VŠE’s Chamber Orchestra, Film Club, Gaudeamus Folklore Group, Ekonom Prague Sport Club or Musica Oeconomica Pragensis. Recently, Musica Oeconomica Pragensis performed, together with Prague Philharmonia, the Czech Christmas Mass “Hej, Mistře!” at the Church of St Wenceslav Na Zderaze on Monday 17, 2012.

VŠE supports and promotes charity fundraising organized by its bodies, faculties or student organizations too. For instance, from December 4th to 6th, the traditional Christmas fundraising for the Sue Ryder Home (Domov) took place at VŠE. This home for the elderly is dedicated to those that are dependent on the assistance of others due to illness or old age.