Successful Cooperation between Škoda Auto and the Honors Academia Programme

12 Jan

The successful on going cooperation between car manufacturer Škoda Auto, VŠE corporate partner and the Honors Academia programme at the Faculty of Business Administration started with the Electro Mobility project in November 2012. For one year, select Honors Academia students will work on a strategic project to find potential business opportunities in the field of electro mobility.

Trends in the automotive industry indicate that electro mobility will be an integral part of our lives. Therefore, Škoda Auto, a. s. decided to continue its cooperation with universities.

Students working on the project will introduce an electro mobility business model to the top management of Škoda Auto, a. s.  A creative and responsible approach to the assigned topics and a “blue ocean” strategy in the new niche market are required. A new prototype of electric car has been lent to the students for six months. They can test its characteristics and drive it around in order to understand the needs and wants of potential customers and the field of electro mobility. The project is beneficial for the company as well; Škoda Auto, a. s. will get valuable data for the development of the electric car.

The car was presented by Roman Havlásek, Škoda Auto Car Services Director, to Prof. Ivan Nový, Honors Academia Director and the team’s supervisor.  During an intensive driver training skills session at Sosnov motor-race track, the students familiarized themselves with the specifics of driving an electric car, e.g. recharging via regular electrical outlet. Participants were surprised, in particular, by the high comfort level of driving. The project team is working on its tasks and will present the project’s outcome in November 2013. The project itself might be inspirational for future successful business implementation.

Honors Academia is an educational, training programme designed for talented students that are interested in development of their knowledge and skills. Within the program, exclusive lessons are given in attractive fields, and projects in cooperation with corporate partners are elaborated. There are thematic lectures and so-called best practises shared.