VŠE’s President Signed an Agreement on General Partnership with Česká spořitelna in 2013

27 Jan

For the eleventh time, Česká spořitelna (member of ERSTE group) and the University of Economics, Prague have signed an agreement on cooperation. The bank helps the school finance educational activities but it also engages in other types of cooperation, too. For example, experts from Česká spořitelna also teach, regularly meet with students and enable them look into the real professional world, thanks to internships, etc.

Mr Pavel Kysilka, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Česká spořitelna, and Prof. Richard Hindls, President of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) signed an agreement on cooperation in 2013 on 23rd January. The eleventh year of this partnership will newly enable students to accompany managers of Česká spořitelna during their professional activities, undertake long-term internships at the bank, and receive expert suggestions on their study projects.

“Young students bring many new ideas and inspiration to the bank. For example, during internships and shadowing, they provide our managers with precious feedback and refreshing outsider insights,” says Mr Kysilka, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Česká spořitelna.

Every year, financial support from Česká spořitelna enables the school to issue scholarly journals and publications, organize a number of academic as well as social events and conferences, award excellent student results, and become a member of international organizations. The cooperation between the bank and VŠE, however, works on other than financial principals, too. Experts from Česká spořitelna join our academic environment – they give lectures and help students to produce masters’ theses and seminar papers, participate in the Šance job fair, and regularly discuss issues with students. In academic year 2009/2010, VŠE opened a minor specialization called “Financial Sector Analyst,” which is jointly taught by teachers from VŠE as well as by managers from Česká spořitelna.

“The cooperation between Česká spořitelna and the University of Economics, Prague is a partnership of two large and key institutions from two seemingly different fields. Nevertheless, or because of this, both benefit from the cooperation. Both teachers and students can cooperate with a key financial institution, and Česká spořitelna – in the position of a potential employer – can monitor the quality of students and more easily acquire good new employees,” says Prof. Jindřich Soukup, Vice-President for Social Affairs and Finance of VŠE.  Česká spořitelna has been a general partner of the University of Economics, Prague since 2002.