VŠE Students successful in Brand New Challenge Competition by New Yorker

4 Feb

In May 2012, New Yorker company launched (in 32 countries) an international student competition called BRAND NEW CHALLENGE.

The student teams´ task was to conduct fashion market research in their home country.  Based on their results, each team suggested a new marketing strategy. The TOP 10 teams received a financial award, and the winner will be awarded with an internship in the company’s headquarters in Braunschweig. The VŠE team called COPYRIGHT INFRESHMENT (Martina Peckelová: Faculty of Informatics and Statistics – FIS / Faculty of International Relations – FIR, Kateřina Drtinová: FIS, Adam Troják: FIS, Linda Nezhybová: FIS, Jan Navrátil: FIR and Klára Mrkvová: Faculty of Business Administration – FBA) made it to the TOP 10!

Team projects were submitted at the end of November 2012. VŠE’s team will defend its project in Germany and compete for victory on March 14, 2013.

More information about the competition: here.