Incoming Foreign Students at VŠE in Spring Semester 2013

18 Feb

The number of incoming foreign students who decide to study at the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) has been continuously increasing. In spring semester of academic year 2012/2013, there are more than 250 incoming foreign students from 41 countries of the world at VŠE; they participate in the ERASMUS exchange and overseas mobility programmes as well as in the Central and East European Studies Programme (CESP). Most of the students originate from one of VŠE’s 204 partner universities.

The Exchange Program is based on the principle of reciprocity. Foreign students, like Czech ones, have to pass courses amounting to 30 ECTS; these are then acknowledged as regular courses after they return to their home universities. Owing to the continuous effort of all of the faculties, exchange students can choose from a broad range of specialized courses.

Incoming Students (Exchange Programme and CESP Students) – top 10 countries

Rank Country No. of Students at VŠE
1. USA 65
2. France 43
3. Germany 26
4. Canada 20
5. Russian Federation 9
6. – 7. Finland 8
6. – 7. Sweden 8
8. Italy 7
9. Netherlands 6
10. South Korea 5

To familiarize themselves with VŠE’s environment, most exchange students participated in Orientation Week from February 11 – 15, 2013. The event was organized by VŠE’s International Studies Centre. Students were given an introduction lecture about the exchange program itself as well as about VŠE’s Integrated Study Information System (ISIS); so-called cultural shock was also addressed and students were provided with an introduction to Czech culture. Housing guidelines were presented too. The Orientation Week programme was also supplemented with a guided tour of Prague.

More information about study opportunities, international study programmes and useful links for foreign students can be found on the International Studies Centre’s web page (see