Czech “Flower Fight” against Cancer Day 2013

9 May

The traditional fundraising event organized by the League Against Cancer Prague (Liga proti rakovině Praha) will be held on Wednesday, 15 May 2013.  By buying a little yellow flower with a green ribbon for 20 CZK, you will support the League’s projects, which are focused on the prevention of tumor-related illnesses, quality of life improvement for oncological patients and on providing equipment for oncological research departments.

Two volunteers from the League will be present in the lobby of VŠE to offer and distribute the flowers and leaflets from 8 am to 2 pm.

All donors will receive, together with the flower, a leaflet pointing out the dangers of tumor-related illnesses and summarizing recommendations for their prevention by means of a healthy life style and simple preventative measures.

Please, do not forget that cancer diagnosed in early stage is curable. The League’s slogan, ‘It is ticking in every family’ is a warning for us all. Indeed, it is also very truthful since statistically every third Czech citizen has been or will be diagnosed with cancer. Prevention, particularly at an early age, can reduce such risks significantly.

To support projects of the League Against Cancer Prague, please send a donor SMS written as DMS KVET to telephone number 87 777 or make a contribution to the fundraising bank account No. 65 000 65 / 0300.