International Programs and Alumni Cooperation

24 May

Within most international master´s degree programs offered at the University of Economics, Prague, graduates have opportunities to stay in touch via alumni clubs. Those ongoing relationships have proven to be a great source of networking for current students and previous graduates as well. 

In the case of the International Management master´s degree (CEMS MIM) program, there is the CEMS Alumni Association in which former CEMS students who wish to enjoy the benefits of the CEMS community after graduation participate. Graduates can continue meeting interesting and smart people and thus develop themselves both personally and professionally and contribute to society. If graduates wish to join the Prague Alumni community or get informed more about our activities, relevant articles can be found on the blog where email updates can be subscribed. In addition to blog updates, news and planned CEMS Alumni events are announced via direct email and groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, both named as “Official CEMS Group Czech Republic”. For more information about the association and events, please, visit

The International Business (IB) master´s degree program maintains close and active relations with its alumni. One way the IB Program encourages this interaction is by participation of alumni as guest speakers in current IB courses.  Another way the IB Program facilitates this cooperation is via its Alumni Club, which was established in 2010. Each year, the IB Alumni Club holds an annual meeting in December.  These events are designed to be both a social and networking session but also an opportunity for graduates to pursue professional development opportunities.  The number of alumni participating in the annual meeting continues to increase each year. The activities of the Alumni Club are one of the strong aspects of the IB Program and were highly evaluated during the process of the program’s international accreditation by EPAS.

The International and Diplomatic Studies (IDS) master’s degree program had its first graduates in 2012 upon the very first enrolment in 2010. Alumni can stay in touch via a LinkedIn group,, which is a registered subgroup of the University of Economics, Prague’s alumni network. Former classmates have a chance to start or enter a discussion, and mainly have keep an updated profile for networking with their colleagues, search for jobs, and stay-up-to-date with the IDS events.