Exchange Students at VŠE: Fall Semester 2013/2014 – First Information

5 Jun

Every semester, the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) welcomes foreign students from our partner universities. In total, there are 204 partner universities all over the world. In fall semester of the academic year 2013/2014, there will be 310 incoming exchange students at VŠE through either the Erasmus Program or one of our bilateral agreements with foreign universities.

At the university, students have the possibility to study a wide range of courses (over 150 courses every semester), mainly in English. There are some courses in German, Spanish, French and Russian, too. Course registration is online from June 10 to September 3, 2013. More information can be found at .

All exchange students coming to our university have a reserved place in the dormitories, if needed. Dormitories are located approximately 15 minutes from the university by tram. For fall semester 2013, dormitory accommodations are available from September 11, 2013.

Before the semester starts, students are asked to attend Orientation Week. We highly recommend all students attend it as we provide a lot of important information about the university, its study system and procedures, ISIS (online study system), dormitories, library, etc. A part of the program is the official welcome with our Vice-President for International Relations and PR; this includes a cultural program that should not be missed. Students also have the possibility to attend some fieldtrips to places of interests in Prague and at the end of Orientation Week; they can attend the Icebreaker Weekend organized by ESN VŠE Praha – Buddy system. Orientation week takes place from September 16, 2013.