Cultural clubs at UEP

10 Sep

Studies at UEP involve more than just lectures; talented students also have several other opportunities to develop their skills. Within the UEP, there is an active mixed choir, the UEP Chamber Orchestra and a folk group called Gaudeamus. The beginning of the new academic year is a good opportunity for enrolment of new members.

The mixed choir, "Musica Oeconomica Pragensis", was formed in 2001; at present, it has around 45 members. Its quality is proven by the fact that the choir holds several international and domestic awards, among others being 1st place in the "Europees muzikfestival voor de jeugd" competition in Belgium in 2004 and a victory in the competitive festival "Praga Cantat 2004". The choir has regular concerts not only in the Czech Republic, but also in France and Germany. A visit to the Netherlands is planned for next year. You can hear the choir "Musica Oeconomica Pragensis" on October, 2 2007 at the "Nekonvenční žižkovský podzim" music festival or on November, 16 2007 at a show of international choirs called "Festa academica" in the New Aula at UEP. A traditional Christmas concert is also being prepared. The leader of the choir is UEP pedagogue, Michal Spirit, Ph.D, who also takes care of the enrolment of new members. In addition to new incoming students, family members or friends are also welcome. Rehearsals will take place every Monday at 6 p.m. in SB227.

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komorni_orchestr_1.jpgSometimes cooperating with the choir, but mostly dedicating itself to its own concert activity is the Chamber orchestra of UEP. At present, it includes 40 members; however, with the beginning of the academic year, the orchestra is looking forward to the participation of new members including international students. The Chamber orchestra of UEP, under the guidance of chief conductor Haig Utidjian and conductor Kateřina Blažková, is not dedicated only to classical music; the orchestra also organizes numerous social and cultural events. A river run of the Berounka river, bicycle trips or pub meetings after regular Wednesday meetings prove the fact that classical music is not a business of introverts. The Chamber orchestra of UEP has already launched its first CD; in the coming season, they are preparing for a number of concerts in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

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folklor.jpgFor those who are also interested in dancing as well as in folklore tradition, there is a possibility to get involved in the dance-folklore group "Gaudeamus", which has been active since 1949. Under the leadership of Květa Matoušová (singing), Věra Fenclová (dancing), Marek Janata (music) and other professionals from the Theater and Music Academy, the members are attending to a wide-range of performance styles, varying from pieces lasting just a few minutes to those which last several hours, from simple dance pieces to thematic interpretations of emotive issues. The next Gaudeamus performance, scheduled for September 19, 2007, will be dedicated to the foreign students of UEP. Another performance will take place on November 13, 2007 in the open-air folklore museum in Kouřim. The enrolment of new members is currently underway – especially dancers, but musicians and singers are also welcome. Rehearsals take place twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday in a primary school gym located in Jiří Lobkovic square, Prague 3.

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