CEMS Master’s Program in International Management

9 Feb

The Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) offers a full-time, two-year Master’s Program in International Management. The program is taught completely in English.  The application deadline for academic year 2014/2015 is February 28, 2014.

The CEMS program offers a unique opportunity to talented and ambitious graduates of bachelor’s degree programs to apply and develop their practical skills and intellectual abilities. The specific mix of excellent cooperation between the program’s corporate partners together with a first class quality education and study requirements enable graduates to be in intensive interaction with the business world. Students receive an internationally recognized CEMS MIM certificate (Master in International Management) together with the Czech master’s degree “Ing. “. The program’s graduates are creative, globally experienced management leaders with ethical and social responsibility and professional integrity.

The CEMS program’s admission and selection procedure consists of three rounds. By 28 February 2014, applicants are asked to complete the online-application in the university’s integrated study information system (ISIS), pay the application fee and deliver the printed application. It includes a CV, cover letter, confirmation of passing relevant courses during their bachelor’s studies and language certificates. English can be proven only with one of the required certificates; the second language (not one’s native language) can be proven by various permitted methods. The documents will be then scrutinized by a selection committee. Study results, English, motivation to study and work experience and other extracurricular activities will be evaluated as well. Only 80 applicants proceed to the second round based on the assessment center (AC) evaluation, which consists of individual and team work. In the AC, personal participation by a selected applicant is required.  The center´s main objective is to evaluate applicants’ managerial prerequisites. Individual motivation, willingness to accept risk, stress tolerance, responsibility and flexibility, self-confidence, communication skills and assertiveness are considered in particular. Students will receive individual feedback on their performance in the second round. The AC will take place in the last week of March. In the third round, applicants must demonstrate completion of their bachelor’s study by 7 July 2014.  Studies will commence fall semester of 2014.

Considering the program’s positioning, the Graduate Survey 2012 data confirm that the CEMS Master’s Program in International Management is a globally competitive study program and its graduates are highly demanded by the international business sector. For instance, 95% of the alumni are employed within three months of graduation. Industry and services wise, most graduates are employed and hold management positions in the fields of consulting (30%), consumer goods (15%), finance (14%), energy (6%),  advertising / PR / media (4%). Thirty eight percent of graduates are employed by CEMS corporate partners.

History, tradition and the program´s development have proven that the CEMS Master’s Program in International Management is the best choice for students who are willing to become management professionals demanded by multinational companies around the world.

More information about the International Management and CEMS MIM program, its admission procedure with its terms and dates for academic year 2014/2015 can be found at: http://cemsmim.vse.cz/english/.