CEMS: Looking Back on Business Project Presentation

30 May

On Friday, May 23, 2014 International Management/CEMS Students at the University of Economics, Prague gathered to present the results of their Business Projects. VŠE CEMS Team wanted to enable students, corporate partners representatives and tutors to see also other teams Business Projects solutions. Each student presentation was followed by corporate representative and tutor comments. Time alloted for students questions was always fully „loaded“. Business project presentation in this form was realized in May, 2013 for the first time.

Business Project within the CEMS Programme

Business projects are favourite part of curriculum.  For students they represent a real life learning experience. International student teams solve real business projects co-tutored by academic and corporate representatives during the whole summer term.

How are Student Teams Created?

At the beginning of the term (usually during the first half of February) students get a list of topics and project details via e-mail. At the beginning of the term they are required to attend a session where corporate representatives present the project topics. Students have possibility to find out more about all topics and they get answers to their questions. After the presentation, student give points to topics according to their personal preferences. Based on personal preferences, small teams by 3-4 students are created.

Topics for Summer Term 2013/2014

12 international CEMS student teams presented following topics:

ABB Recruitment campaign focused on university graduates
A. T. Kearney eBusiness Strategies for Czech Telco Operators
Google Online Marketing Champions: How to identify, attract and develop talent for the internet
Hilti How to attract small customers to Hilti
Indesit Launch of SDA (small domestic appliances) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
L´Oréal How can L’Oreal recruit new consumers from Generation Y, which brands, communication channels can be the most appealing for the 20-35 and what is the buying and loyalty potential of this group
McKinsey & Company “Discovering Hands” – Delivering accessible prevention of breast cancer by employing visually impaired women
Plzeňský Prazdroj How to turn Frisco into a party drink
Plzeňský Prazdroj How can we make shopping for beer in a supermarket easier and more interesting?
ŠKODA AUTO Corporate foundations – pros and cons
Unibail-Rodamco How to implement a differentiating dining offer in a shopping centre? Case study will be based on extension of Centrum Černý Most’s dining plaza.
Vodafone Hardware and software as a service – opportunity for Telecommunication Company

 Student teams will present the results of their Business Projects to top-management of a particular company.

VŠE CEMS Team would like to thank all company representatives, tutors and students for their whole-term effort!