The Center for Physical Education and Sports offers new sports courses for English speaking students.

1 Sep

The Center for Physical Education and Sports (CTVS) has prepared several sports courses taught in English for fall semester 2014/2015. Courses, which are held regularly once a week, start on 22nd September and last till 19th December 2014. Students may enroll in several courses:  basketball, tennis, fitness – bodybuilding, fitness – aerobics or swimming. It is even possible to register for more than one course. All courses are taught by professional trainers with years of experiences. Most of them are former professional athletes with outstanding sport achievements.

The Centre for Physical Education and Sports, one of the specialized centers of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE), with a fifty-year tradition, provides both mandatory sports courses for VSE students and also optional free time sports activities. In addition to traditional sports and games like swimming, gymnastics, canoeing, tennis, football, volleyball, basketball etc., CTVS also offers modern sportw activities like Krav Maga or Thai boxing. CTVS sports courses are held in sports facilities at VŠE’s main campus in Žižkov or at other sports facilities in Prague. A modern VŠE sports center was opened in Třebešin (Prague) five years ago.

For more information about sports courses for English speaking students and registration: