Campaign “Stačí se zeptat” (“Just Ask”) is winner of IMC Czech Awards 2020

The recruitment campaign for bachelor’s studies at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics (FIS) entitled “Stačí se zeptat” (“Just Ask”) won the IMC Czech Awards 2020 marketing competition. It ranked highest in the Public Contracting Authority category.

Rector of VŠE Prof. Hana Machková expressed congratulations to Dean of FIS Prof. Jakub Fischer and communication and marketing manager Zdeněk Vondra: “I am always very happy if some of our faculties manage to get a professional award. As a marketing professor, I appreciated the creative approach of the FIS team and I believe that the successful campaign contributed to the good name of the entire Prague University of Economics and Business.

For the eighteenth year in a row, the IMC Czech Awards competition recognizes “the best of Czech integrated marketing”, i.e. such campaigns that use a combination of various forms connected into one whole. The evaluation reflects not only the creative side, but also the strategic solution, the overall implementation and results of the campaigns, all of which have the same weight of 25 %. This year, the competition underwent a change in visual identity, including concrete statuettes symbolizing the pillars of creativity. The gold award is represented by a red trophy.

Communication campaign “Stačí se zeptat” targeting the applicants for a bachelor’s degree was created by the GEN Agency, which is a specialized department of FIS. Its task was to increase the number of applications for bachelor’s studies at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of VŠE, which had been gradually declining for several years. The students themselves became a key element of communication. A new website was created, where each of the so-called ambassadors had its own profile, on which, in addition to the study program, there was also some personal information. The candidate was thus able to choose from among his peers exactly who he wanted to connect with and ask him something. In addition to the virtual space, the communication also took place within the framework of contact events such as Gaudeamus trade fairs, open days or trips to secondary schools.

The number of applications was increased by more than 42 %, making it the highest number in the last 5 years. The campaign continued in 2020, when these numbers were defended, and will continue in 2021.

You can find a case study of the campaign on the GEN Agency’s website