Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: VŠE preventive measures and recommendations

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, the University of Economics, Prague adopted number of preventive measures to minimize the possible risk of transmission. VŠE is closely monitoring the situation and since January it is cooperating with the Hygienic Authority of the City of Prague (HS) and is following its regulations.

VŠE has adopted number of measures that can be divided into three main groups:
I. Measures at VŠE premises
Increased hygiene measures include e.g., surface disinfection of all floor coverings, disinfection of handles, handrails, taps and toilets. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in open areas, etc.

II. Internationalization measures
The VŠE International Office is in contact with VŠE partner universities and VŠE students in risk areas. It closely monitors the situation and keeps the students up to date.

All VŠE students who attended our partner schools in China during the winter semester 2019 have all safely returned in January 2020.

All nominations of VŠE students for going on exchange to China and South Korea were canceled following the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the decision of the VŠE management (February 11, 2020, resp. on February 25, 2020). All outgoing VŠE students were recommended to register to DROZD system (MFA registration system for citizens abroad) to receive updated information.

VŠE applies a 14-day restriction of access to both the Žižkov and Jižní Město campuses for those who have returned from China. All Chinese students affected by above mentioned measures received the HS information as well as detailed instructions regarding the date when they can resume classes. Currently, the restriction of access applies only to few individuals.

III. Measures at VŠE dormitories
On February 12, 2020, the director of the Department for the Administration of Facilities (SÚZ) issued “Preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus infection”. As part of this, Chinese students living in dormitories have been isolated for 14 days, their rooms have been cleaned up intensively and other HS recommendations have been followed. Students are informed about current situation through web pages, display monitors dormitories halls and information HS leaflets. SÚZ is available to answer any questions or concerns.

Dear students/Dear colleagues,
the management of the University, the management of the faculties and the individual departments, especially SÚZ, OSM and International Office strive to ensure maximum safety for all of us. However, according to the available information, the best preventive measure is strict personal hygiene. Therefore, I believe that we will manage this dangerous situation as we have done so far, without panic.

Prof. Hana Machková, Rector