Erasmus during corona times

Exchange programme continues in the academic year 2020/2021 as well. Mobilities during the winter semester have already started, and most students are already abroad at prestigious partner universities.

There are preventive measures across the world and at many partner universities the teaching is being delivered at least partially online. Many students had to start their exchange by obligatory self-quarantine. However, that does not mean that the exchange is not beneficial or that students are not able to enjoy it. On the contrary! We are happy to receive mostly positive news from abroad and we hope it stays that way.
You can read through the positive feedback from the exchange abroad during the pandemic on the International Office website:

Barbora Nováková (Faculty of Finance and Accounting), University of Turku

Teaching is being delivered online but we can visit university facilities to study at the library or common areas. Exams take place in the university buildings. Teamwork is a very important part of the lessons, so we meet with other students and we are not separated.
The situation is all right in Finland. Finns are very cautious and responsible concerning coronavirus. Therefore, even though there is a low increase in the Covid cases in comparison with the Czech Republic, wearing masks is recommended in the public transport and at places with higher concentration of people.
However, we do not experience significant restrictions and we even (mostly) have a really nice weather!

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