First part of reconstruction of dormitories Jarov was completed

Intensive construction work is underway at the dormitories Jarov. Within two years, a complete reconstruction of all three buildings, i.e. Palachova, Thalerova and Eislerova dormitories, should take place.

The first stage was successfully completed. Block B was reconstructed at Palachova dormitory (a total of 70 double rooms) and 12 floors of one of the two towers at Thalerova dormitory were reconstructed. At Thalerova dormitory, students live in separate cells, which always have two double rooms. A total of 88 cells were reconstructed.

Director of dormitories Ota Zima invited a representative of the VŠE management for a tour. Rector of VŠE prof. Hana Machková, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Petr Dvořák and Bursar of VŠE Tomáš Zouhar appreciated the increase in the quality of accommodation for VŠE students.

I am extremely satisfied with the course of the reconstruction so far. I must appreciate the approach of the director and his team, who can manage such an extensive reconstruction in difficult times. The equipment of the rooms is modern and will provide VŠE students with the standard they deserve in the 21st century. But I am especially pleased with the approach to the work of the leaders of both dormitories, Ms. Kateřina Vykuková and Ms. Veronika Mrázek. Many thanks to both of them for trying to do their best for their students and it is obvious that they are rightly very proud of the result of the reconstruction“, stated the Rector of the Prague University of Economics and Business.