It Is Now Also Possible to Get Filtered Water in Jižní Město Campus

The campus in Žižkov and the dormitories in Jarov have had their filter water machines for four and three years, respectively. It is now possible to draw sparkling and still water into the brought bottles in Jižní Město – in the Vltava and Blanice dormitories and in the school premises. Just download the Filtermac app.

Why draw?

The best waste is the one that will not be produced at all. Filtermac is an alternative to bottled water that helps save PET bottles by going for water with your own bottle. One filter machine saves about 2.83 tons of plastic per year, the entire Filtermac community has already saved over 5,000,000 PET bottles.
VŠE has been offering filtered water since August 2017, when the first Filtermac machine was installed in Jarov. The second (2018) and third (2019) are available in the Old Building/Stará budova and the New Building/Nová budova in Žižkov. Students and school staff have already helped save about 15.5 tons of plastics.

How draw?

  1. Download the app Filtermac
    Download app for Android
    Download app for iOS
  2. Register and choose how much you want to contribute (Monthly, Bottle or Rocker): The price is about 1 CZK for 3 liters per day. For the first month, the machine can be used free of charge, just choose the Toč na zkoušku.
  3. After opening the app, a QR code will appear, which you simply attach to the Filtermac reader and you can immediately drink sparkling or still water.

Video tutorial – how to use Filtermac.

Thanks to the application, each user will get an overview of the overall statistics of the VŠE community and their drinking regime (daily limit is 3 liters of water), saved kilograms of plastics and the amount of CO2 that would be generated during the transport of bottled water.