Martin Rey becomes new director of Development and Counselling Centre of Prague University of Economics and Business

On January 1, 2021, Martin Rey became the director of the Development and Counselling Centre (RPC) of the Prague University of Economics and Business. He was appointed to the position by the Rector of the University, Prof. Hana Machková. Martin Rey has worked for RPC for a long time as an event manager, he was in charge of organizing school events such as the VŠE ball, the Chance/Šance job fair or introductory courses for first-year students. In addition, he is also a frequently cited expert on South American issues. Martin Rey replaced Jiří Knap.

Martin Rey is responsible for all activities and strategy of RPC, which is an integral part of the school and an important partner of VŠE students, especially in directing their careers. The main role of RPC is to mediate contacts between company and students or graduates. In particular, it involves the preparation of partnership agreements, advertising job offers, organizing company presentations, the realization of the Chance/Šance job fair, career counselling, etc. RPC organizes introductory courses for first-year students, the University ball or a talent competition. For graduates, it manages the graduate portal, organizes professional lectures and the Graduate Evening/Absolventský večer, where former classmates can also meet teachers in person at their alma mater.