New school-wide magazine for students of Economic Journalism: House of Economics

At the beginning of the semester, a new school-wide journal of students of Economic Journalism: House of Economics, starts. Students of the minor specialization Economic Journalism, but also personalities who are connected with VŠE, will publish their articles on its website.

“We have been toying with the idea of ​​founding a magazine, the content of which will be created directly by students under the heading of Economic Journalism, for a long time. Within this minor specialization, a large number of good articles are created, which have so far mostly ended up “in a drawer”. Of course, we’ve always been sorry, but you know – it often takes a while to turn an idea into a viable project. However, the last two semesters, when the corridors and lecture halls of the Prague University of Economics and Business, otherwise always full of students and their energy, fell silent, were the imaginary trigger. Most of us really lack mutual contacts, regular discussions with teachers, with classmates in line for a coffee machine. Of course we cannot replace this with our site, but we hope that we will at least make these “Covid days and weeks” more pleasant.
At the House of Economics you will find articles about both the VŠE and articles on economic topics that interest us, articles from students, lecturers, graduates – it will simply be such a virtual equivalent of the University campus,” said the editor-in-chief of the magazine Mr. Martin Zeman.

The first interview at the House of Economics could not be with anyone other than the Rector of VŠE, prof. Hana Machková. What is her opinion on distance learning, how education will change after our return to the Žižkov auditoriums, what is the International Tower, where its construction is planned in our campus, and what was the dream of all rectors of VŠE, which has only now come true? You can read about it here.

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