New VŠE websites

21 Sep

The University of Economics, Prague, all faculties and departments have brand new websites. In general, almost 200 websites have been changed. The new platform has replaced the old one from 2008. Its design and structure did not correspond with users’ demands and the latest trends.

The new solution is fully responsive and uses predefined general graphic elements, while its content is aimed toward particular target groups.

It was a technically challenging and difficult project. It took one year for our team to develop and create the new websites,” says Václav Šubrta, the leader of the webmasters’ team. “I appreciate that all the members of the team worked hard, not only the webmasters but also the administrators of each website. We hope that users will quickly get used to the new design and structure and will like it. Nevertheless, we ask all users for patience, as some small glitches could occur in this large project. We appreciate any comments from website users which help us eliminate errors,” he explained.

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