Rendez-vous à la française took place at VŠE

As a part of the Innovation Week, VŠE organized the “Rendez-vous à la française” in cooperation with the French Embassy. In frame of the RDV, all VŠE and exchange students could meet French companies operating in the Czech Republic. French speaking students had an opportunity to participate on a lecture of the French Ambassador to the Czech Republic Alexis Dutertre and to enjoy a rich program:

List of companies:

  • Bel Sýry Česko
  • Komerční banka
  • Mazars s.r.o.
  • Havas Prague
  • Frey Services, s.r.o. (Emil Frey Group)
  • BlueLink International CZ
  • Veolia Czech Republic
  • Sanofi
  • TotalEnergies Marketing Czech Republic
  • Valeo
  • French-Czech Chamber of Commerce
  • Business France
  • IFP
  • IFTG